Vincent Genna, MSW


As a young adult, Vincent Genna suddenly found himself blessed with keen psychic and mediumship abilities—a gift that came with tremendous responsibility. Each time he works with clients, he never forgets that he holds their soul in his hands.

The journey to a deeper understanding of self can be uplifting, but it can also be gut-wrenching. It requires a gifted psychic and medium guide who is not only sensitive and compassionate but also highly skilled in how the mind works and how to lead those in pain through—and out—of the darkness.

For Vincent, helping his clients process and use otherworldly messages is as important as divining those messages for them. To this end, Vincent pursued and added a set of key educational credentials to his skillset as a Psychic by earning a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work.

Vincent is also a practiced Hospice Clinical Social Worker, an experience that allowed him the privilege of helping more than 500 patients peacefully transition through their dying process, while comforting and supporting their families and friends.

Vincent’s combination of innate psychic abilities, academic credentials, and his authentic, charming delivery is why Vincent has come to be known as a “Triple Power” Psychic Medium.


The Method:


As a Psychic, Vincent tunes into clients’ souls, as well as to their angelic and spirit guides, and ascendant masters, deceased loved ones, and Source (God) to impart messages and guidance.

Then using his training as a psychotherapist, Vincent offers his clients an invaluable bonus. He dives deep into the psyche where true transformation takes place, helping clients to examine their beliefs and leave behind whatever is blocking them from the empowerment to heal their own weaknesses, imbalance, or lack.

Vincent also has an amazing capacity to explain the messages he receives in a way that not only resonates with the individual, but also with an entire audience. It’s a unique transference that allows everyone present to gain their own restorative powers from hearing how others are healed.

Recently, he has been communicating with distressed animals and provided healing for both the animals and their owners. Lion Television in the UK featured Vincent’s animal communications on one of their popular TV shows. Vincent has even had the opportunity to communicate with Koko, the famous signing gorilla. Koko has been informing Vincent about our distressed earth and where humankind originates.

Everyone who experiences a Vincent Genna event goes home enlightened and energized—emotionally prepared to unlock and release their passions and purposes, and possessing the key to achieving their life goals and fulfilling their dreams.



Vincent’s personal journey to realizing his true mission and purpose in life was wrought out of the trauma and pain he experienced as a child. He endured physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and did not have positive role models to encourage self-belief and self-love.

When he was finally able to leave this toxic life behind, Vincent pursued a career as a professional actor and singer, landing roles on TV, in plays, and in movies, including a role in the film version of “Grease.”

Even during this period of personal exploration, Vincent was drawn to people in emotional need. He took every opportunity to inspire and motivate the children, adolescents, and adults that he met or worked with along the way.

At the age of 28, following a selfless moment of compassion extended to a former childhood tormenter, Vincent experienced a series of paranormal events that altered his entire life and destiny. The paramount being a spontaneous trance channeling of his oversoul and highest self, Joseph of Canaan, who guided and awakened Vincent’s wisdom and profound insight.

Suddenly filled with a sense of compelling and heartfelt compassion, Vincent underwent a spiritual awakening and made the life-changing decision to let go of the need to be a full-time actor and pursue his true mission as a spiritual teacher, psychic medium and healer.



Global audiences from Russia to Australia to Japan are touched by Vincent’s warm and genuine keynote presentations on self-love and self-mastery, as well as by his numerous appearances on television and radio.

Thousands of followers worldwide have been inspired by his insightful interviews on Hay House Radio, and on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Better Show, Gaiam TV’s Beyond Belief, the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family, and other ABC, CBS, and NBC shows.

Chicago fans are particularly familiar with Vincent’s location healing work. You and Me This Morning, seen on WCIU-TV, has brought him to town on several occasions to heal the city’s famously haunted places.

Rather than a theatrical “ghost-busting,” Vincent quietly and compassionately makes contact with spirits lost between worlds and helps them cross over. And he has done the same for individuals looking to “cleanse” their own homes of disturbing spirits.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife of 40 years, Vincent has a legion of followers who listen to his transformative talks on WRAL’s Mix 101.5 FM and iHeart Radio’s G105; and he also was a beloved regular on Raleigh’s CBS My Carolina Talk.



As a psychotherapist and as a Psychic Medium, Vincent is compelled and deeply committed to continually fine-tuning his skills as a medium. He considers both his innate and academic abilities to be instruments requiring deep respect and ongoing care.

That commitment has led Vincent to continue advanced Medium work and training with the world’s foremost psychic experts, including James Van Praagh; and Europe’s renowned experts, Tony Stockwell, Paul Jacobs, as well as studying at the Arthur Findlay Psychic Sciences College in England.

Vincent’s quest for perfecting and expanding his psychic and medium gifts on behalf of his fans is key to his authenticity and down-to-earth personality. He considers it a high privilege and a humbling responsibility that those in need of body, mind, or spirit healing place their souls in his hands.