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Evidential Mediumship Event


Allow me to invite you and your group to an event filled with exciting insight and inspiration as we connect with those who’ve crossed over.

I promise the experience will forever change your feelings about death and life, as I deliver messages from deceased loved ones to audience members that will have a profound effect not only on that individual but also on everyone who attends.

All will be spiritually embraced by messages that speak of love, comfort, forgiveness and joy, each one weaved through with evidential memories and specific details that loved ones in spirit wish to impart!



The two most essential, inherent, natural, and soul-feeding elements of life are unconditional love and relationships. In fact, we cannot survive without them.

As physical beings, time and science have shown, we grow and thrive from experiencing positive relationships and love. There is even significant evidence that when deprived both, we have decayed and die.

As spiritual beings, universal precepts assert we are energy manifestations of, and created from, love and our sole purpose is to experience and share it.

Through this lecture, I will reveal and explain why so many of us are not in fulfilling or healthy relationships, why so many of our relationships are strained and dysfunctional, and why so many marriages seem to end in divorce.

You’ll leave this lecture empowered to achieve unconditional
— and with the ability to attract the most perfect relationships and true love into your life.

Guided Exercise


With each incarnation, we choose gender, strengths, weaknesses, talents, preferences, and personalities to help us grow and evolve, or simply to experience ourselves differently.

The decisions you make in this life are driven in part by your experiences in previous lives. Gaining an understanding of how reincarnation works is a path to helping you understand yourself more fully. It can help explain mysterious interests and yearnings, and shed light on your unreasonable fears and irritations. These can be the lifetime traits and memory experiences you don’t mean to bring along in your new incarnation.

In order to connect with these past lives, I will help transition you into a hypnotic-like, highly relaxed state, then guide you through a reverie and regression exercise designed to take you on your own journey to a previous lifetime—one that may reveal the reason you’re experiencing a block in this lifetime.

I will act as your guide as you journey to see other lives you’ve led; your ability to free your imagination and visualize will highly enhance your experience.



Is there a stop sign getting in the way of creating and living the life you want? I can help you see clearly how you might be unintentionally or intentionally holding yourself back.

Learn how you may actually be dishonest with yourself almost every day. Discover how the scar (or many scars) from the story of your youth needs to become a visual tattoo to remember and understand.

Most important, receive the insight you need to release, cancel and transform all the resistances, illusions, blockages and sabotages that keep preventing you from creating the wonderful life you want and deserve.

This is a transformative lecture—everyone will be touched by it in a different, revealing and enlightening way.



You’ve read self-help books and attended master classes, retreats and conferences, yet you’re still left saying over and over, “God, it’s not working!”

Why do so many people come to this realization? Are you one of them? Something deep within has caused you to lose track of the one process that allows change—you’ve lost the impetus to make everything you attempt become a reality. What’s more, that “something deep within” deceives you.

But I can help. I invite you to experience my highly acclaimed, standing-room-only program that so many people credit with transforming their lives. This dynamic, inspiring, motivational—and most of all, empowering—lecture will help you gain key knowledge and insight on how to enhance the quality of your life.

You’ll go home with the real secret, bottom-line, miracle answer that will allow you to fulfill the dreams and create the life you want. If you’re not creating the life you desire, then now is the time to commit to radical self-care and self-love and transform your life forever!



The most misunderstood part of our human psyche is the ego. Not only are there contradictory definitions and understandings in the field of Psychology, there are numerous interpretations among spiritual and metaphysical teachings.

In this lecture, I’ll finally put an end to the confusion of managing and living with your ego.  I’ll show you how confusion about ego—this fundamental trait of our being-ness—gets in the way of fully realizing ourselves, our magnificence, and our divine gifts.

I’ll provide credible evidence that embracing the ego is vital to our existence as spiritual beings, and prove that it is not the culprit keeping us from experiencing our Divineness and our true essence.

You’ll discover that by giving the greatest priority to nurturing your ego, you are guaranteed reconnection with the One Source, the Loving Force—God. By the end of this program, you will realize that God and your ego are one.

You’ll go home with the real secret, bottom-line, miracle answer that will allow you to fulfill the dreams and create the life you want. If you’re not creating the life you desire, then now is the time to commit to radical self-care and self-love and transform your life forever!



All inspiration comes from Source, God. Are you concerned that holidays have become too commercialized?

Well here’s a thought: What if “commercialism” is being “inspired” by God to help us remember who we are?

You’ll be fascinated by the concepts that I put before you as I show you and your fellow audience members how every holiday and special day of memorial is an individual trait and aspect of Spirit—and therefore is a symbol of the magnificence of each and every one of us. By celebrating these aspects, we actually remember why we are so splendid and deserving of self-love.



For those who hold the toughest, most demanding job in the world, I say, “thank you for all you do” and then say, “let me help.”

In this workshop, I’ll help you understand and embrace the normal emotions, feelings of guilt and other behaviors you experience while providing care for anyone.

Let me help show you why compassion does not have to lead to fatigue, burnout, and stress. You can learn how to make compassion empowering through a set of remarkable Body, Mind, and Spirit techniques. Use these and I promise you will leave with the ability to cleanse, calm, and re-energize your caregiving abilities anytime the need arises.



Helping a dying individual face death with dignity, grace and insight is a final gift you can give a loved one or your patient.

Unfortunately, most people in the United States do not know how to die well; and many of us need a better understanding of how to help. Hospice can help teach the dying and the living about a good death.

My lecture will help you better get past the myths of hospice care, and see the beauty of the experience. We’ll discuss your fears as a caregiver or practitioner so you can help diffuse your patient’s fears.

And I’ll show you how hospice allows what a family wants most at this difficult time—that is, to release their nursing responsibilities and relish precious moments with a dying loved one.

You can’t get those times back. Make the most of them by not missing this important workshop.



We are fortunate to live in a time when conversations about death and dying are becoming more acceptable.

It is also a time of exploration and seeing how Metaphysical and New Thought movements may have an amazing and powerful impact on dying patients, as well as Hospice practitioners.

This workshop explores how you can incorporate these understandings into your practice, and experience how these philosophies not only produce greater emotional and spiritual comfort for your patients, but also enhance the benefits of comfort medications as you help your patients on this challenging journey.

For further information on Vincent’s lectures and workshops, please contact him through his Business Manager, Eileen at, or call 919-480-1401. Experience Vincent’s unique, dynamic, powerful, and all-loving spirit at your event, today!