The Real Vince!

Here are a few of my featured guest media interviews on major national broadcast radio and television shows. They all provide more valuable enlightenment, guidance, and inspiration. All of the messages here are to help empower you to create the life you want!

The August 21st 2017 Eclipse and So Much More Inspired Enlightenment!

Demons, Possession, War Dog, and Killed Soldier Messages

UK Lion TV “World of Weird” TV Show About Talking With Dogs!

A Haunted Indian Burial Ground in Chicago

Ghostbuster Interview on the ShowGram

NO Such Thing as Luck on My Carolina Talk

A Life Without Regret, on Beyond Belief – GAIA TV

A VERY Edgey Interview on The Edge Radio Show

2016 Valentine Special on MY Carolina Today

What TO and NOT TO Be Thankful for On Thanksgiving

What Makes Every Tool You Use in 2016 Work

Aliens and Ghosts Interview Labor Day 2015

Viewer Readings on My Carolina Today

Hallmark’s Home and Family Halloween Special

Chicago’s Lincoln Park Built on 10,000 Bodies

Raleigh’s Hauntings on My Carolina Today

Camp Douglas Haunted Confederate POW Cemetery

Attracting LOVE the Right Way on My Carolina Today

The Better Show National TV Spot!

The Haunted Rialto Square Theatre in Chicago

Past Lives on AM Northwest Portland, OR

Stop Stopping Yourself on My Carolina Today

Chicago’s Haunted Nightclub, The Castle

Readings on the Today Show, Fargo, ND Part I

Readings on the Today Show, Fargo, ND Part 2

Chicago’s Haunted Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Host Readings on Chicago’s You and Me This Morning

You Don’t Believe What You Think You Believe on My Carolina Today