moving Spirits ImageAs spiritual beings, energy is our life force. During our physical experience on Earth, that life force is transformed into matter. Even at death, when we exit our bodies and transition, we can leave an imprint of our energy on all the matter we touched on Earth—we, in fact, leave a part of us behind.

We all remember from science classes that energy has either a positive or negative charge. As sentient beings, we are capable of affecting the positivity or negativity of our own energy.

While we all intend to create positive energy while alive, our circumstances and experiences can derail those intentions and cause our energy to become negative in structure and effect.

Traumatizing or painful experiences can leave negative energy behind after we pass into the next realm. It can be left behind in homes lived in and locations frequented by those souls and greatly affect and influence the lives of the living.

In addition to negative energies remaining in locations, souls themselves can also remain, trapped between two dimensions. Perhaps due to trauma, rage, fear or over-connectivity to the physical plane, they can’t or won’t cross over.

They remain earthbound ghosts, watching others live their lives and becoming frustrated that they no longer can do the same.

Their presence, or the presence of negative energy left behind, can make life difficult or even dangerous for inhabitants and visitors at the location.

Let me bring the great positivity and light force into the affected location that will heal and clear it of all negative energy and spirits. My four decades+ of experience has contributed to my 100% success record in healing homes, businesses and famous haunted places—and I go beyond clearing them—I will also transform them into highly positive, comforting, and loving environments.

If you have a home, business, or other site from which negative energies seem to emanate, or you are experiencing unusual occurrences, I hope you’ll contact me for a consultation and assessment.

My Psychic Medium mastery allows me to tap into all issues and my spiritual advancement allows me the ability to heal them. Homeowners, future homeowners, real estate agents, business owners, television studios, and historians across the country have contacted me to heal and remove plaguing negative energies and forces from many places. Let me do the same for you.

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