vincent_hugOne (1) Session = $250 Now = $175

Four (4) Session Package = $900 Now = $600

Each Session is One (1) Hour

When you’re in mental or spiritual distress, often the best thing you can do for yourself is to reach out to an objective professional to help guide you through your troubles.

Working with me for a short or long-term series of sessions, you get the benefit of my academic training as a psychotherapist, with the additional powerful benefit of my spiritual gift.

In our ongoing, non-judgmental partnership, we will work together to identify and achieve your personal goals and address unmet emotional needs. Looking inward is challenging, but as your guide, I strive to make each session one of enlightenment not pain or embarrassment.

Rather than analyzing past issues and failures, we will embrace them as learning experiences and place them in a healthy context that allows you to use them to empower your present, and create the future you desire.

My goal is to support and guide your spiritual evolution and growth, using a mix of skills from psychology theories and practices, along with spirituality principles and laws, and sociology precepts.

I truly believe everyone has the ability to achieve their personal goals and reach emotional balance in their lives with the proper guidance. Rather than dictate solutions, we will discover them together. As your mentor, I’ll assist you in working through the process of taking the life-improving actions necessary to give you control of your future.

Don’t just accept “surviving” or a “modest” life because of old habits, procrastination, fears, or beliefs that this is all you are capable or deserving of. Let me help you find your magnificence and be all you are meant to be!

All spiritual counseling and coaching will consist of:

  • One 60-minute phone or in person
  • Unlimited brief email questions and/or support
  • Paid for in full prior to the set appointment time

Email me at to ask any questions you may have, or to set up a free consultation. Remember, reaching out for help is NOT a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength and wisdom!

Clients’ Loving Words:

  • “Thank you so much for your reading and sharing your gifts! I have felt completely empowered and alive with vision since; and I just want you to know how much your insights are appreciated. You are doing something truly wonderful!

    Roni K. ~The UK
  • ” There are many “Spiritual Teachers” today all around the world, speaking on all spiritual and metaphysical issues and principles. Every so often, one person stands out who you know in your heart is a special teacher with a Divine mission. Vincent is one of those teachers and messengers. His words and passion touch your very soul and after you hear him, you feel empowered to be able to create the life you want, just as he says you can. I know in my heart the world is going to hear more from Vincent. We all need the self-love he inspires in people, and the joy and laughter he brings when he speaks.”

    Randy D. ~Australia
  • “Vincent is inspiring, compassionate and motivating. I have heard him speak and felt energized and had more clarity about what wasn’t working on my life and how to change it. I have also received readings from Vincent and he is truly “spot on”. He is a counselor who helps you see what needs to change and why as opposed to just telling you a bunch of stuff that will happen. I refer him to friends and families all the time! You have questions about your future, or need some guidance? Vincent’s your man!”

    Julie Siebert ~North Carolina
  • “If you want to hear the TRUTH told intuitively, succinctly, accurately, with heart and caring sincerity, then you want to hear Vincent! I wholeheartedly recommend his lectures and workshops to enhance your quality of life. From day one, the honesty, truth and caring for people was quite evident, before we had ever even met! Thank you isn’t enough for Vincent’s gift, but that is all I can say and too am grateful and show gratitude to his gifts! Gracias! Obrigada! Merci! Thank you Vincent Genna!”

    LD Atkins, North Carolina
  • “I loved my time with Vincent and didn’t want it to end, his energy is exceeded only by his God given gift and his desire to help. He is compassionate but genuine, offers guidance through his insight,. I will definitely work with him again and again. Thank you Vincent, you helped me to see the light shinning during a dark time.”

     Single Mom ~Poland
  • Wow! Where to begin? I’ve been going to Vincent’s lectures, having readings, listening to his radio show, and reading his inspirational material for over 10 years now, and I can genuinely say he is one of the most loving and gifted people I know. He has an amazing ability to see the truth that resides within you and give you the tools to unlock your true potential as a spiritual being.”

    Jason Thiel ~Miami
  • “Vincent is magnificent! He can assess a situation immediately when coming within a few feet of one’s energy without any clues. He is caring and truly gifted. Highly recommended!”

    Elizabeth McKoy Pace, MBA ~Arizona
  • “Before going to Vincent, it was a very hard time. My boyfriend of 3 years had just broken up with me, and career wise I was lost. I was going to make a bad move both in my career life and my love life. After having my reading with Vincent I felt INSPIRED and REFRESHED. He knew things and said things that only those closest to me knew. The thing I liked most about Vincent was that he wasn’t just giving me a reading; he actually cared about me and what I was going through. I wasn’t just another person coming to him for a reading I felt like he was a friend with some really insight helping me through a really tough time. I definitely recommend him to anyone who feels lost or is having a really tough time.”

     Robin Smith ~Washington
  • “Talk about positive energy! This guy exudes it!!!! It was an amazing experience to watch and feel Vincent speak. It was a truly moving experience, one that has embedded itself in my very being. He has a way of reaching the depths of your soul and making you feel. He is a genuine person who is trying to make a genuine difference in the lives of others and the universe. You WILL NOT be disappointed in your dealing with Vincent!!!! Blessings.”

    Lynn F. Duran ~North Carolina
  • Vincent is an open person, who also is really a great listener.. It is easy and comfortable to be in his company and talk with him. I appreciate when I am every time.”

    Gideon Nielsen ~Denmark
  • “Vincent’s unique insight into why we are here and how we can get the best out of our experience is unique, powerful and easily understood. His warmth, compassion, and love flow generously to everyone he encounters and hearing him speak or having a session with him is a rare and beautiful gift to be treasured.”

    Tommy Foster ~Washington, D. C.
  • “I feel blessed to have met this man. He is genuine and very inspiring. His motivation is simply to help make life more positive and spiritually aligned for his clients (at least that is my experience). He is a very gifted intuitive, and loving and compassionate. What more could one ask for?”

    Anna Slotzski ~Yugoslavia
  • “It is true that there are no coincidences in life, and meeting Vincent was certainly not a coincidence. I feel really blessed to have spent the time I did with him. His insight and compassion really helped me. Vincent is truly gifted.”

    Durgesh S. ~India
  • “He is such a vibrant and powerful man. Every word he utters has meaning, even when he is at times light hearted. I have never regretted speaking and meeting with this incredible man who has enough wisdom to share with the world. I hope he will be blessed to walk with us for many years to come!”

    LeChane Nash ~Califormia
  • “I had a great experience with Vincent and it was a very intriguing reading! He has inspired me and guided me to take the best path in my life.”

    Adam Fisher, Wisconsin
  • “I met Vincent for the first time yesterday in the interview with George Noorey. Today I just finished listening to his free sign up gift about the ego.
    I wanted to let you know that is the best and truthful supportive piece of information I have every received in my whole life! I always tell myself I only attract the best, and I did AGAIN! Vincent’s message about the ego is the best thing I have every received as clarification for the question of discovering who I am. Thank you Vincent!”

    Mieke ~Japan
  • Always excellent, always spot on. Vincent always takes the time to listen and really understand and feel what I’m going through. I’ve been working with Vincent for nearly 2 years now and he has changed my life! The way I feel, the way I think, the way I believe in myself. He’s wonderful.. he has helped me so much and made me change and grow into a person I never knew was there. He’s the real deal!!!!!!! Without a doubt he knows his craft and truly loves what he’s doing. I am so happy I chose to work with Vincent, he’s truly on a mission to help us change our lives and make us the best people we were meant to be.

    Colleen Kearns
  • My reading with Vincent was like speaking to a long lost friend. I was instantly at ease and ready to hear all of the messages he had to share. He has such a warm and engaging manner. And the messages! I can’t say enough about how astounded I was. I’m still a bit in shock. Every aspect my my life, relationships, career and my most private self was laid bare before me. Vincent nailed it, every time. One of the best hours of my life!

    Kim Castro
  • Amazing!!!!! My appointment with Vincent was a life changing experience for me. I know what I need to focus on and improve. Thank you for this. You have an incredible gift!!!! Kerri Miranda

    Kerri Miranda
  • Hi Vincent, Just wanted to thank you for an insightful reading. You uncovered a lot in a short time. I trusted your guidance and felt connected to you. I also feel like you can help me to continue evolving and growing spiritually so that I can achieve all that I am capable of dreaming. I look forward to continuing a dialogue with you in the future. Regards, James Palace

    James Palace
  • I enjoyed my reading alot. It opened my eyes to alot of things. When we got off the phone i felt a strong sense of peace the entire day. Thank you so much. -Brianna

    Brianna Leiser