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03/28/2018 - 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Don’t harm your Divinely endowed gifts! Whether you are an experienced working Psychic Medium or just beginning to use your newly developed gifts, practice is the essential comportment to further develop and enhance your skills, however, not just any type of practice. The key to perfecting your psychic and mediumship abilities is to work them correctly, consistently, and continuously. When you exercise, you cannot just lift weights or jump on a Stairmaster! You must exercise correctly or you can cause irreparable damage to your body. Well, you can cause the same to your psychic and mediumship talents! Unfortunately, there are too many Psychics giving harmful messages and Mediums giving psychic readings instead of making legitimate spirit connections. That’s why I created the Spirit Circle Telecourse Mentoring Program.

Once per week for two hours a session, I will be guiding and mentoring Psychic Medium Spirit Circles via The benefits of me providing this service over the phone are 1) more people from all over the world can participate; 2) you have a chance to practice with different people of different cultures each time; 3) practicing telephone readings is far more difficult, but the purest due to the lack of facial expressions and body language you receive from your reader; 4) the convenience of participating in the comfort of your home assures you participating and practicing more frequently; and, 5) I can help you not develop bad practices! So many Mediums are giving psychic readings rather than making true evidential spirit connections.

No matter how many people participate in each session, you will be divided into groups of 6-8, just as in a home setting. This way, each of you will have plenty of time to give readings and make connections. I will then be visiting each group and facilitating, guiding, correcting, and answering any questions that may arise during each session. In this way, you will not develop any incorrect practices. You will be the specialist in each session, whereas I will be the sensei making sure you keep in good form.

I am making this available because I hold these professions in such high regard, I wish to help those with the greatest or even slightest interest in using these gifts use them to the best of their ability and rightfully. You can participate weekly or monthly. Whatever you feel can fit your schedule. Obviously, the more you can participate, the more you are going to gain and grow your skills.

How much will this exceptional opportunity cost you? Only $10 for each session you decide to join! Each week you wish to participate, just come back here and register. For the cost of one lunch at some fast-food establishment, you can properly grow and perfect your Psychic and Mediumship talents to a highly skilled, truly healing, and well-respected level.

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